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Frequently Asked Questions

Is your Wait List Open?

The Housing Choice Voucher waitlist opened on January 15, 2019, and is NOW CLOSED. When we do open the wait list for applications, we will post a Public Notice in the local paper, reach out to local agencies, and post it on our website to ensure the opening is made public. No time frame can be given at this time, as many factors affect how quickly we can serve the current applicants on our current wait list so that we may open again. Our timelines are dependent on funding and the number of people who exit the program, that we are currently serving.

Check Wait List here.

Do you have a unit listing?

We do not manage any landlord listings. is a resource for both landlords and tenants. This should not be the only resource you use to find or list available units. You are encouraged to use all rental websites, realtors, community boards, and local newspapers to increase your chances of finding a unit or tenant.

I have a change of income, what do I do?

All changes to your income must be reported, in writing, within fifteen calendar (15) days of the change. Once a notice for a change of income has been submitted it could take up to 30 - 45 days for a notice to go out to the tenant and landlord. This is due mostly to the time it takes to receive third-party verification of the change. The more information you provide the faster we can process the change. Please note that the change will go into effect the month following the date of the notice of the change. For example, if you submitted the change on April 15th, the change would be effective for the month of May. For more specific detail regarding your life, please contact your specialist.

I want to move; how do I request "moving papers"?

If you are in a lease that is expiring soon you must give either a 30 or 60-day written notice (refer to your lease) to vacate your unit to the Landlord. If your lease has expired and you are now on a month-to-month lease, at least a 30-day written notice to vacate to your Landlord. If you are in a lease and wish to break it, you must first obtain a written release from the Landlord allowing you to break the lease and the vacate date. Then you must put your request for moving papers in writing to your Certification Specialist along with a copy of the Notice to Vacate Letter to your Landlord (or release letter from Landlord), providing us with your telephone number and your current income. Your Certification Specialist will then contact you to review your income and schedule an appointment to discuss your move and issue you your voucher and Moving Packet.

If my rent is more than the UPS8H approved amount, can I pay the difference?

Rents may be above the Payment standards due to tenant income but must be approved by UPS8H. A tenant can not pay any additional monies out of pocket to the Landlord without UPS8H approval.

How long does it take for my new unit to be approved? How long to process a Move-In Packet (RFTA).

This process on average takes ten (10) business days. Once you've submitted an RFTA (Request for Tendency Approval) and it has been reviewed for affordability and rent reasonableness, it will be passed to the inspector, who will then schedule an inspection with the landlord. Delays in processing can occur due to incomplete packet/information, rent negotiations, units not being ready for inspection, and tenant affordability issues.

Who pays the security deposit?

The tenant is responsible for the entire security deposit.

How much is the payment standard for an "x" bedroom"?

Go to Payment Standards to see our latest payment standards. The Housing Choice Voucher program is an income-based program. The total subsidy assistance a voucher holder will receive is based on both their income and far market rent payment standards determined by HUD.

How many bedrooms will I get on my voucher?

We determine voucher bedroom size according to subsidy standards based on the following: two (2) people per bedroom. This does not mean that two individuals have to share a bedroom unless that is your choice.

Subsidy Standards are established that determine the number of bedrooms needed for families of different sizes and compositions. The subsidy standards must provide for the smallest number of bedrooms needed to house a family without overcrowding. The subsidy standards must be consistent with space requirements under the housing quality standards.