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Billing for Portability - Call for Details - 318-368-1441

Portability Steps

Outgoing Portability

If a current Housing Choice Voucher participant family wishes to move under the portability option, the family must notify Union Parish Section 8 (UPS8) and the owner before moving out of the old unit or terminating the lease to the owner as required by the terms of the lease. The notice to UPS8 must specify the area where the family wishes to move and the notices must be in writing. You will also be required to attend a Mover's Briefing and complete any other information contained in the portability packet.

If an applicant family wishes to move to a unit outside the PHA's jurisdiction under portability, UPS8 will apply all restrictions as required by HUD policy.

Incoming Portability

If you currently have a voucher in another city or state and are planning to relocate to the Union Parish area in Louisiana, please follow the steps to port your voucher.

  • Contact your current PHA to inform them you would like to port your voucher to Union Parish Section 8.
  • Request your current PHA mail your portability packet to:

Union Parish Section 8 Housing
Attn: HCV Portability
P.O. Box 723
Farmerville, LA 71241
Phone: 318.368.1441
Fax: 318.368.8342

Once UPS8 receives your packet you will be notified by mail of your appointment to come in and complete a briefing and/or interview. Please note that your contact information should be up-to-date to ensure that you will receive your appointment letter. UPS8 will only schedule two appointments. Failure to attend the appointments will result in your information being returned to your current agency. You must bring the following documents with you:

  1. Picture ID for head of household and any member 18 years or older
  2. Social Security Card (original) for all members of the household
  3. Birth Certificate for all members of the household
  4. Current Income
  5. Current Assets
  6. All members 18 years or older must attend

No additional household members will be added at this time. In order to add members, you must contact your original PHA and they will be subject to making this change and sending UPS8 documentation to reflect this change.

UPS8 will use the same voucher issuances dates as the voucher you receive from your initial agency. An additional thirty days will be added to the expiration date per HUD policy on portability. If you require additional time you will need to contact your initial HA for this request.

The voucher amounts will vary from PHA to PHA depending on Fair Market Rates. The Union Parish Section 8 Housing jurisdiction only covers Union Parish.